Pathfinder Gathering 2015 Overview And Takeaways

The 2015 gathering has been written into history. Knowledge was shared, skills were passed down and all is well. The pathfinder community grows larger and stronger with each passing year. If you missed the annual pathfinder gathering fear not the 2016 gathering has already been confirmed. Synopsis If you aren’t familiar with the Pathfinder Gathering, it’s a series of …

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The Weapons of Wilderness Survival: Mindset, Know-how and Kit

Prologue Have you ever been lost in the wilderness? (or thought you were?) It’s an unmistakable feeling – often of fear, helplessness, and regret. Being lost can cause a panic response that often leads to a series of bad decisions. Pushing yourself too hard for too long, not taking in nourishment, making rash decisions, all …

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